The white paper on the Atacama humanoid finally published

Well everyone, as I’m sure you have already seen, the white paper has finally been published and was released today! Congratulations to all the scientists that collaborated on this project, it has been many years in the making and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

Thank you Dr. Garry Nolan for your friendship and incredible work. Many thanks to all teams and universities involved for your dedication to this project and your hard work accomplished in pursuit of discovery. It has been an honor to collaborate with you all. I would also like to thank all of those who have been following along with this story for your support and interest. There will be an exclusive interview with Dr. Garry Nolan and myself released in the following months, so please stay tuned and look out for that video as it will be the only one of its kind! 

I’m sure many people are coming to their conclusions about this being as publishers are announcing that this case is closed, but I can’t wait to see how the conversation develops and just how far the discussion will go. 

Earth is an amazing place and we are blessed to be a part of this mysterious planet. We are making new discoveries daily around the globe and learning just how strange this world housing us truly is... and what else it might be called home to.. including wonderful beings 8 years of age and only 13 centimeters tall. We share a home with such beautiful, vast and varying life, and working on this project has provided a stellar example of this.

What an incredible opportunity it has been to be a part of this project so public for the world to witness, unlike the many others I’ve clandestinely been involved with in the past. Thank you all again for your support, I attached the long awaited analysis below and now it is finally yours to read for yourselves. 

The Atacama being is talked about so widely today because of a sample I took that started it all, raising the most speculative questions amongst the worlds greatest geneticists. I am proud to have been involved in such an important time in the history of humankind and feel incredibly honored to have been a part of the team that initiated this project, bringing it fruition and to the forefront of the worlds focus, where it belongs.

With love, 



p.s. I had to take screenshots of the paper due to not being able to upload the pdf. Here is the link to the paper online: