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Good morning everyone! Last night I arrived at the LAX Hilton for this year’s Conscious Life Expo to do some interviews which should be published in the next week or so. However, today is my first speaking day at the conference. I will be on a panel called “Cosmic Questions” with George Noory here in the next few hours (wish me luck) so I wanted to take what little time I had this morning to write an update for you guys about my new series on Gaia.

Although the first episode aired on February 18, 2019 and has been out for almost a week, I am really excited and proud to announce my new series on Gaia called “Undisclosed” with my former mentor and colleague Randy Veitenheimer! I have known Randy for over 20 years and today he has come forward to share with the world his information and experiences just as I have. I met Randy through former contract work over 20 years ago and went under his wing later on to receive his training. About 3 years ago we were both contracted to work on a project in New Mexico and remained in consistent contact ever since. 

This series has been a long time in the making. Randy saw me come forward with my experiences on the Gaia platform and observed over this past year how well the information has been received by you guys, so after a few months or so of filming my first year on Cosmic Disclosure, I asked if he would be interested in coming to Gaia to speak on these shows as I have. Randy considered it for a very long time and finally accepted my invitation. A few months down the road we were filming the first episodes of our new series and now it is finally out there for you guys to watch.

I really hope that this information is as helpful to you as it has been for me and that you learn something new and something valuable. I also hope that you find this new series enjoyable to watch because it’s important to us that what we are teaching is presented to the public in a way that is professional and enjoyable to learn. This is my first time ever hosting a show so I hope I did a good job for you guys. I had a severe cold during the first taping of these episodes so thank you to the whole Gaia crew on set for bringing me tea and cough drops on breaks and also for all of your hard work put into the creation of Undisclosed. And lastly thank all of you guys for listening and caring about these subjects and the information we share with you. If you would like to watch this new series, just type in Undisclosed on Gaia. If you don’t already have a Gaia subscription, you can sign up to watch this series and others by going to and subscribing. Thank you guys so much for your continued support, I really hope Undisclosed serves you in some way and that you enjoy the series. I also would like to thank Mr. Veitenheimer for stepping forward to speak on Undisclosed and for all he has taught me, let’s welcome him to this community. Wish me luck today on the panel you guys! Hope to see you guys around the conference this weekend. 


Emery Smith 

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