Contact In The Desert 2019 Schedule!


Hey everyone!

I will be presenting again this year at Contact In The Desert! This is one of, if not THE largest UFO conferences in the world, where a host of incredible speakers will be presenting over the course of 4 days. I will be giving four presentations of my own, (one of which will include a night under the stars with you guys,) and I will also be speaking on multiple speaker panels. Keep reading for more details on what will be taking place over this incredible weekend at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa in Indian Wells, CA!


Read below to see where I will be at throughout the entire conference!


PANEL : Science of UFO's, Technology & The Quantum Field (included with pass)

WHEN? 8:30AM-10:15AM 

WHERE? Crystal Amphitheater 

WHO? Hosted by Clyde Lewis, featuring: Nassim Haramein, Michael Salla, Russell Targ, David Adair, Emery Smith, Derrel Sims, Dr. Lynne Kitei, Adam Curry

EMERY SMITH LECTURE : Getting In The Projects: History & Revelation Of The Advancement Of Mankind (included with pass)

WHEN? 4:35PM-6:15PM

WHEREInspiration Room

WHAT? Join Emery Smith as he takes you on a journey through his life before the Projects. Emery discusses encounters with extra-terrestrial beings at a young age, the strange testing he had to complete, and the programs that led him to moonlight for classified underground facilities. Emery touches on his first experiences in the projects and will present a slide show of artist rendition visuals that most accurately depict what he witnessed in these facilities. Be there as Emery reveals just how advanced humankind has secretly become.

PANEL : Secret Space Program & Disclosure (included with pass)

WHEN? 7:15PM – 9:00PM

WHERE? Crystal Amphitheater

WHO? Hosted by Stephen Bassett, featuring: Nick Pope, Emery Smith, Michael Salla, John DeSouza, Rep Merrill Cook, Peter Levenda 


EMERY SMITH WORKSHOP : Uncovering The Truth 

WHEN? 9:00AM - 10:50AM 

WHERE? Endeavor Room 

WHAT? Here Emery will give a detailed account of the specific experiences that changed the way he thought about our planet, solar system and humanity forever. In this workshop, Emery dives into the information he learned while working on and with extraterrestrial beings. He will discuss what he learned through a classified library. This unique access was granted through credits achieved by “good behavior.’ Emery will shed light on the most impactful information found in the library archives, including human and extraterrestrial history, what the inside of our planet actually looks like, and which nations are contributing information to this worldwide shared library today. Lastly, Emery discusses one of the projects he was assigned to where he and a few select others created the first extraterrestrial DNA database and the implications it has for identifying the origins of every human on this planet. 


PANEL : The Tipping Point (included with pass)

WHEN? 2:00PM - 4:00PM

WHERE? Crystal Amphitheater

WHO? Hosted by David Wilcock, featuring: Nassim Haramein, Emery Smith, A.J. Gevaerd, Elizabeth Wilcock, Caroline Cory


WHEN? 9:30PM - 12:00AM …. or as long as we are allowed… :)

WHERE? Meet in inspiration Hall at 9:30PM, will be continued at Orion’s Lookout located behind Independence Room

WHAT? Join Emery Smith, along with his core team, for his unique CE5 Under the Stars! Using his personal CE5 methods and protocols created after his experiences as a child, Emery will guide us on techniques to communicate with ETS that he had learned during his time working in classified projects — as well as the civilian methods learned during his time as Vice President for CSETI. Emery will also demonstrate consciousness assisted technology to make contact with our interstellar friends and family; and with the help of his military issued night vision goggles, he will be able to help spot crafts in exo-atmosphere, as well as using a special classified laser to help identify activity amongst the stars. Join us for this wonderful evening scanning the skies.



EMERY SMITH INTENSIVE : "Bringing Technology Forth: Ways We Can Heal"

WHEN? 1:15PM - 4-15PM

WHERE? Atlantis Room

WHAT? Emery explains how his classified education in the Projects laid the foundation for the successful career he had in biotechnology, since being honorably discharged and retiring from the USAF & corporate facilities. In this discussion, you will learn about the incredible classified technologies used in these facilities as well as Emery’s own inventions and patents modeled after what he witnessed underground in New Mexico — also sharing the adversities he faced by the government in his efforts to get this technology out to the world. From making deals with big Pharma and funding his own free energy lab, Emery discusses the real-world ways in which classified technologies, including those reverse engineered from ETS, are disclosed. Lastly, you will learn about the healing modalities Emery has come across or invented himself, and how some of their origins came from studying other-worldly technologies. For example, Emery explains how some pharmaceuticals are reverse engineered from extraterrestrial proteins the science behind his patents and inventions he developed for the military industrial complex as well as those developed for civilians. Emery will cover the best advancements in health, discovered during his time in the Projects and those discovered since leaving, and their connections to the cosmos. This intensive will include a slide show.


I hope to see you guys at the conference! This year I am changing it up a bit. I really wanted to create at least one presentation that was more than just talking about extraterrestrials and underground facilities. While I am glad to have shared what I know about all of that thus far as there are so many wonderful things to learn from those subjects, I wanted to offer something I felt could be more of service to you. I want for the those attending my talk to leave home with more than the idea that we aren’t alone in this universe and that there are secret facilities beneath the earth housing suppressed technologies. I think we all know we aren’t alone and that there are classified projects being worked on every day, and while i’m happy to provide the details of what I know on both subjects, my passion is more about health of the planet and humanity and that is what I will be focussing on in my 3 hour intensive on Monday. Additionally, I will be hosting a night under the stars with you guys Sunday evening to allow us to connect with each other and the cosmos. For more information about the conference venue and who else you can see at this year’s CITD, please visit:

Thank you all so much for your continued support. <3


Emery Smith

CITD 2018

CITD 2018