ZETA XR update

Dear customers of ZETA XR, 

On behalf of Zero Cross Productions I wanted to apologize and give you all an update to express our understanding of your frustration with the delays in shipping and completing your orders. I do not control distribution, I am only affiliated with the company as a co-founder and then with the scientists who invented the proprietary blend of ZETA XR. This pill was not supposed to be released until 2019, but we decided to do an early limited release this year to help get it out before then. I no longer have 100 employees working for me to accommodate everyone in a timely fashion, I only now have Zero Cross, which is a brand new company that launched this product, and is consisting of only 2 employees at the moment.

I don’t believe these 2 hardworking guys were anticipating the mass response to the release of ZETA XR, and I know they’ve been working tirelessly to meet the demand of the customers as they have been handling the thousands of emails, labeling, packaging and shipping all on their own. With this, they have not been able to complete everyone's orders on top of the fact that we only had a limited supply of pills for the early release to begin with. 

We are so sorry for this inconvenience and if you would like a refund please speak with zercross.co and they’ll be happy to accommodate you. We will be tending to existing orders on July 4th when we get our next shipment of pills in and will have plenty in stock for new orders :) Thank you guys so much for your patience with this new product and new company, it's always a little rough in the beginning stages of a new corporation so I want to thank you for your understanding and your support. I hope this answered your questions, you all are amazing beings!

Also, apologies for the background music in the video, this was filmed at Disclosure Fest. If you have tried ZETA XR, what has been your experience? Please let me know in the comments below, I am curious as to how you have responded to it, be honest!